About Diamond Institute

The Diamond Institute is an independent, private center devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Since 1968 the Institute has offered, in one comprehensive setting, sophisticated state of the art laboratories,
operating rooms, consultation offices and all support services.

The Diamond Institute's comprehensive approach treats every couple as one unit, offering male and female infertility workups.

The Diamond Institute is an approved member and reports to The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, (SART) a sub division of the American Fertility Society.

The facility's Internationally recognized medical and scientific staff, led by Co-Directors Arie Birkenfeld, MD, and Matan Yemini, MD have been responsible for acknowledged breakthroughs in reproductive medicine.

The atmosphere at DI is subdued, so that the patient does not feel overwhelmed. Our sympathetic, friendly environment reflects a profound concern for each patient's well being. The highest level of scientific and technical competence is combined with utmost sensitivity to patients' needs.

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