Hysterosalpingogram (X-Ray)

The hysterosalpingogram is an x-ray test that takes a picture after dye has filled the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes. It is a useful test in helping determine the cause of infertility. This test can show areas of scarring inside a fallopian tube or changes in the uterine cavity, as might occur with a polyp or other growth in the uterus.

How to Schedule Your Hysterosalpingogram-

Your partner will need to come with you to produce or you will have to bring his specimen with you by 7:30 AM. The semen will be washed and processed for insemination. You will be positioned in the same manner as you would be for a pap smear.

Call Diamond Institute on Day 1 of your next period to schedule this procedure up to Day 12 of your menstrual cycle, after bleeding has stopped, but before ovulation. We do not want to perform the test while you are bleeding or spotting, or if you should be unexpectedly pregnant.

• If you are on birth control pills. this test can be petfonned at any time of your cycle if you are not bleeding or spotting.

If you are not on birth control pill, avoid sexual relations. From the first day of your period, up until the procedure.

Prior to the Hysterosalpingogram:

• It is Highly Recommended that your partner completes a semen analysis at least 3 days prior to the procedure, if ordered by the physician.

• You will be given a prescription for antibiotics to be started 2 days before the procedure. Please begin these antibiotics as ordered, and continue taking them for the full 5 days. The antibiotics are given as a precautionary measure.

The Day of the Procedure:

* Eat A Full Breakfast That Morning Prior to the Test! *

• Before the procedure, you will be given 600mg of Motrin for discomfort and mild cramps that may be a result of the test.

• First, a speculum is inserted into the vagina. This enables the physician to view the cervix. The cervix is washed with iodine to reduce the chance of infection. A small plastic tube is inserted through the cervix. Sometimes a tenaculum (metal clip) may need to be placed on the cervlx to straighten it; this causes a pinching sensation: The tube is attached to a syringe containing a sterile iodine based dye, which is injected into the uterus. You may feel some pelvic discomfort, similar to menstrual cramps, as the uterus and fallopian tubes fills up with sterile solution. The entire procedure usually takes about 20 minutes.

• X~rays will be taken at certain points to view the uterus and confirm any Endometrial abnormalities as well as any existing blockages in your fallopian tubes.

• You may have spotting and slight bleeding after the procedure. You should wear a sanitary pad or panty shield for the remainder of the day.

• The doctor will review the hysterosalpinogram results with you, after the test is completed.

• After consult with the physician, you will plan the next steps with an IVF nurse.