Egg Freezing

The Diamond Institute offers egg freezing as a part of our Assisted Reproductive Program. Female cryopreserved unfertilized eggs for future reproduction has existed since 1987 and successfully applied at Diamond Institute since 2003.

The most common indication for egg freezing is the risk of losing ovarian reserve due to undergoing chemotherapy or surgery, as well as other medical conditions that may progressively damage the ovary.

As more women are waiting longer to have children, and facing the real challenge of having successful, healthy pregnancies later in life, egg freezing is becoming more relevant and in demand. Our fertility is still limited by basic biology - the "biological clock". Our opportunities are endless, but our egg supply and egg quality are not, that is were egg freezing is playing a major role preserving women's fertility potential. This allows the patient to keep her options open for future conception with her own eggs.

egg freezing