Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation procedures are indicated for patients facing medical conditions which may effect their future reproduction such as cancer or the need for chemotherapy.  Fertility preservation is also helpful for patients who want to postpone having a child to later on in life. 

Although most of the patients we provide egg or sperm freezing are doing this procedure for a medical reason, the same technique can be utilized for men and women who are not ready to have children yet but would like to keep their options open.

At The Diamond Institute we offer egg freezing as well as sperm freezing. In our experience egg freezing and post freezing survival is almost as successful as embryo freezing and carries good potential for future conception. The Diamond Institute has established pregnancies and deliveries of healthy babies from egg freezing treatment.   

Several controlled studies performed at The Diamond Institute as well as by other centers have shown that using frozen eggs is as successful as the use of fresh eggs.

Patients who face life threatening conditions such as cancer or the need to undergo surgery and/or chemotherapy are normally focusing on life preservation.  The need to preserve their fertility may look to some as “the least of their worries”.  On the other hand, many of these patients are young adults and maintaining their fertility potential is important.  This procedure can help a patient to stay hopeful that one day they will have a family of their own.

Timing is critical.  Understanding this, we make ourselves immediately available to patients in this situation working in collaboration with their oncologist to ensure the best results.

Timing is also important for fertility preservation when preservation is done for a non medical reason.  The younger the patient the better quality gametes that can be frozen and stored for future use.  At The Diamond Institute we offer the upmost professional medical care with advanced lab techniques blended with exceptional emotional support.

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