Recurrent Miscarriage

Approximately 20 percent of patients come to Diamond Institute because they have encountered several consecutive pregnancy losses. Most experts begin evaluation and treatment following two first-trimester miscarriages or one second-trimester loss. Diamond's comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment has yielded promising results for the majority of our patients. Together with couples that remain dedicated to achieving their dreams of full-term pregnancies, we have seen many healthy babies born.

Our patients are going through a process to determine the potential causes of their pregnancy loss. Following that a treatment plan is tailored to their needs for future successful pregnancy.

Losing a pregnancy carries the same disappointment and grief as losing a child at any age. Thanks to twenty first century technology and a strong foundation of clinical experience, we can guide couples to the happy results of term pregnancies with healthy babies. For some the solution is relatively easy while others encounter extended treatment. We urge our patients to maintain hope and encourage them to seek individual counseling or to join support groups— whatever provides a comfort level, and to work with Diamond to help them reach their family goals.

recurrent miscarriage